#Win or #EpicFail? Japanese Cheesecake Edition

If you know nothing else about me, you know one thing: I LOVE JAPAN. I am pretty much Jamaicanese. So with this in mind I have always tried to incorporate Japanese or Japanese inspired dishes in my diet. I constantly browse through Japanese food blogs, youtube channels, facebook and instagram pages you know..the works. This brought me to a recipe for a fluffy Japanese Cheesecake. After I saw how light and airy it was, how it sprung back after the slightest touch, how smoothly the knife passed though…. are you getting the picture? I needed to find it. I needed to buy it. I needed to eat it. I went out on my cheesecake search and well, damn, it quickly came to a close (as expected).

Generally speaking, Jamaican restaurants, cafes and pastry shops have a limited international dessert offering (don’t worry that I am planning on changing that soon) so I was not too surprised that I couldn’t find it. This gives me the perfect opportunity to test out my not so chef like skills…this calls for #cookingwithmo

Let’s begin our first Foodie Journey! Sit tight and buckle your seat belts as we make our very own Japanese Cheesecake! Get ready for my next blog post recording the entire experience!


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