Juice Bar Chronicles

Guys…I am in love.

Today I found the guy of my dreams. As far back as I can remember I always imagined my wedding. I would marry a wonderful man, have two kids and run off into the sunset. Today my vision has evolved. The description of this guy has finally came to light. He is burgundy, fits in a 12oz container and is filled with beetroot, orange juice and cucumber. His name is Eden Wellness. I already love my last name “Wellness”, it seems quite fitting don’t you think?

But seriously, this juice was pretty good. I don’t remember having beetroot before in any form so I was very excited to try. I stopped by the Juice Bar at Eden Gardens Wellness Resort and Spa and my trip was nothing short of wonderful. This time I decided to ask the bartender for a drink suggestion and he quickly choose the Eden Wellness juice. I was a tad bit skeptical at first, because it sounded…too…healthy. I have had “green juices” before with mixed experiences so I  guess one other “healthy juice” couldn’t hurt.

The Experience

The first thing that stood out was the color. It was a bright rich burgundy. Personally I am an eye eater, meaning I am more drawn to aesthetically pleasing foods. I also love to smell my foods and the scents of cucumber and orange (which are two of my favorites) were the strongest. So far Eden Wellness was winning my heart.

Now on to what everyone is waiting for, the taste.

If  I could sum up the taste in one word, my word of choice would be refreshing. All the flavors were married beautifully and thankfully they were not sweet. The drink was fresh but with a deep flavor. The tangy taste of the orange gave it a nice kick and the kick was cushioned by the freshness of the cucumber. The beetroot gave it an earthy flavor and was the balance the juice needed. I really enjoyed it. The only downside I experience was that some particles remained from the blending that floated to the top. I didn’t really mind as I have had similar experiences myself in the past. When I make smoothies at home, especially with black berries/cucumber a few particles remain as they are very difficult to blend completely. All you need to do is drink them down and enjoy the texture!

I would definitely recommend trying Eden Wellness! If you do, leave a comment telling me about your experience.





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