Problem Recipe

Today I was making a simple breakfast and it was just not going well. It got me to thinking that even the most experienced chef must have at least one simple recipe that they mess up now and again. You know like burning your pot when you put water in it to boil haha.

I think everyone has that one simple recipe that all their friends and family have mastered and they simply can’t get it right. You make it perfect today and tomorrow you spoil it. That “simple” recipe for me is fried dumplings aka Johnny Cakes.

Listen, if you know me you would know how much I love fried dumplings.  I mean I live for them. Seriously I might have an organ in my body entirely made out of fried dumplings.  I grew up eating them almost every day. Whenever I visit my mom’s house she makes them for me for breakfast with liver or ackee, two of my favorite breakfast items. My boyfriend makes them for me most mornings before I go to work. My sister or brother would also make them for me from time to time.

Do you see the problem here? Lol they were always made FOR me and not BY me. I know the concept, I have seen it being made first hand thousands of times. I am familiar with all the steps, the kneading time, the texture before and after frying, the frying time, the smell, the shade, the sound haha everything. But no matter what I can never predict how mine will turn out.

I have messed up so many times and so I have come to accept that I will never be a perfect dumpling chef and that’s fine! I will just visit mommy more often :-). What’s your problem recipe?