Restaurant Review: Little Ochie Edition

There are certain places in Jamaica that, as a Jamaican, you must visit to claim your citizenship. Little Ochie Seafood Restaurant is one such place. If you haven’t visited Little Ochie and you say you are Jamaican, I have bad news for you! Just Kidding!

Little Ochie, located at Alligator Pond (the border of St. Elizabeth and Manchester) is one of the most popular seafood restaurants in Jamaica and for good reason. Not only do they have incredible dishes, but they also have local gift shops and some of the friendliest and warmest people you will ever come in contact with. I have been to Little Ochie a few times in the past and all my experiences were wonderful. Therefore, I decided to revisit because there was no way I could be taking a Foodie Journey without stopping by.

Walking in:

The first thing you notice when you walk in is a huge sign that welcomes you. After that long journey LONG journey to the South Coast this sign immediately brings relief.  If you are driving from Kingston or Montego Bay please take a light snack and some water because it is quite a journey.


When you have arrived you can either go straight to place your order or visit this small but tasteful local souvenir shop. I took a picture of the shop owner as she pleasantly greeted me and was very happy to smile for the camera. You can buy a variety of expertly made jewelry and other goodies that are intricately designed and will last for years to come. When I say years, trust me I mean it.

Ordering Time:

Now I am sure you are excited to know what I ordered. Oh my Gosh was I dying to place my order! I heard raving reviews about the Jerk Fish and I sampled a tiny piece about a week ago and almost went into cardiac arrest with the flavor! It was mouthwatering. So of course that was going to be my order. I was overjoyed and went to the fridge to look down at all the colourful fishes (all fishes are freshly caught and placed in a huge fridge to the side when you enter the ordering location). I saw a really big one and because of the greedy person I am, that is the one I chose. I gave my fish to the waiter told him I wanted it jerked and went to pay at the cashier. Once you are done paying you are free to sit in one of the thatch roof houses outside on the beach.


The Fish

There are a lot of things that make people happy in the world, one of which is seeing your waiter taking your food to you. I was already salivating, I had high expectations.

My fish arrived in all of its glory, my eyes watered, I cricked my neck, I licked my lips…I was ready to dig in…AND THEN the waiter informed me of some tragic news. He told me that my fish was tough and the chef had a hard time trying to prepare it. He promised that the chef would prepare another and take it to me.

Guys yu eva just wa mash up a place yet? you eva just wa fling whe a boy? I died a little on the inside and told the waiter I understood and it was fine. I looked on my plate and let me tell you, when I saw that fish and the crispy, warm festivals I couldn’t care less if the fish was tough. That underwater swimming creature was going to find a new home today. Who in their right mind would not at least TASTE this:

I didn’t care to wait on my other fish and dived in. It was not as bad as I had expected. The skin was rubbery, however, the flesh was soft. The flavors did not penetrate the skin much so the flesh was not as amazing as I knew it could be. I wasn’t alone and thankfully my counterpart ordered Steamed fish. Good Lord it was succulent and buttery and completely melted in my mouth. I feasted on that for the remainder of the night while munching on the crisp, golden brown festivals that were fried to perfection. I was in another world when the waiter came back with my Jerk Fish on the house! Now this is what I call customer service. I was very full at this moment but after he handed the fish to me and I felt how hot it was I was not going to let this full belly hold me back!

I took a bite and the Angels in heaven descended down on my palate. I could hear the chorus of flavors singing on my tongue. This. THIS is what I came for. Guys if you haven’t tried it before I implore you to try it now, tomorrow or even this weekend. Try that Jerk Fish from Little Ochie and pick a Parrot Fish or Snapper when you do. Don’t be like greedy old me. I need you to experience it in all its glory and I believe those two fish types are the best for this dish. Also make sure if you order steamed fish you tell the chef to steam the bammy with it. You will thank me later!